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Dear Spectre-tators,

if you attend Ars Electronica, fyi

1 THE RADICAL SELF sound artist AGF  <http://antyegreie.com/>will stage a site-specific audiovisual show in the big concert night - Train Hall 11pm
http://www.aec.at/radicalatoms/en/big-concert-night/ <http://www.aec.at/radicalatoms/en/big-concert-night/>

2 SONIC WILDNESS - AGF & USOMO spacial sound >>> usomo.de <http://usomo.de/>
THU September 8, 2016 - MON September 12, 2016, 10AM - 7:30 PM 
First Floor/Gallery 
POSTCITY <http://www.aec.at/radicalatoms/en/category/locations/postcity/>
http://www.aec.at/radicalatoms/en/sonic-wildness/ <http://www.aec.at/radicalatoms/en/sonic-wildness/>

Sonic interventions investigate notions of coexistence, communication and potential for interaction in hybrid ecology. The radical voice as the embodied human instrument and language as the base for code and algorithms lead to complex programming. What we call wild or radical is hard to find. Wildness is about listening. Deep Listening as well as introspective listening to an artificial soundscape derived from the “radical wild.” This project is intended to build a connection between sound and space. The installation takes advantage of the new acoustic possibilities of the usomo system. This headphone-based system tracks the position and rotation of each user precisely. With this information it is possible to place sounds at exact positions in real space with the usomo software. In this installation we create complex soundscapes that can be explored individually, that connect with the space the users are in and let them dive into the sonic wildness.

3 AGF (DE): Performance, Presentation and Discussion
Focus Digital Music and Soundart: Music Monday
POSTCITY, Ground Floor (Train Hall)
http://www.aec.at/radicalatoms/en/musicmonday/ <http://www.aec.at/radicalatoms/en/musicmonday/>


***sound & curation 
AGF: @poemproducer / www.poemproducer.com
sound wave life: www.antyegreie.com

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