[spectre] Lynn Hershman Leeson's - Civic Radar: Book Review

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Lynn Hershman Leeson's - Civic Radar: Book Review.

Marc Garrett reviews Civic Radar, the first comprehensive monograph of Lynn
Hershman Leeson’s pioneering artistic career, spanning across five decades,
in the fields of photography, video, film, performance, installation, and
interactive and net-based media art. Main editor Peter Weibel.

The book features supporting texts by other writers, curators, theorists,
and artists, such as: Andreas Beitin, Pamela Lee, Peggy Phelan, Ruby Rich,
Jeffrey Schnapp, Kyle Stephan, Kristine Stiles, Tilda Swinton, Peter Weibel
and interview by Hou Hanru and Laura Poitras with the artist.

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