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Mon May 23 10:16:30 CEST 2016

Dear Spectrites,

While we are preparing for the new "Trust Me, I'm An Artist" 
event around "Heirloom" by Gina Czarnecki and John Hunt at 
the Medical Museion in Copenhagen 
(http://www.museion.ku.dk/heirloom/), we are happy to 
provide you with some reading and audio material from the 
Prague event:

- "Molding the Signifier" – Codesculpting the Possibel 
Shapes of a Future Consciousness, by Ivor Diosi
This article introduces the art/science/transmedia project 
"Molding the Signifier" from the point of view of the artist 
and maps out its wider cultural and societal connotations, 
reach and significance.
"Molding the Signifier" is a collaborative work of humane 
after people, an art-science group, addressing questions of 
the future of the human condition, aiming for a 
machine-unreadable humanity, creating the future Humane Other.

- Ivor Diosi's "Molding the Signifier": An All-Too-Human 
Victor by Ondřej Cakl
In this article, curator Ondřej Cakl discusses the 
biocybernetic work "Molding the Signifier" by Ivor Diosi.
The author reveals two factors that most essentially 
influenced the decision to present this work as part of the 
Trust Me I'm an Artist project event in Prague (16-19 
November 2016): It questions the notion of AI as it 
currently exists, suggesting that the ideas of "artificial", 
"independent" or "higher" intelligence and existence are all 
too human (and from that point of view therefore dangerous). 
He argues that "Molding the Signifier", although it doesn't 
confront existing legislation, does question the ethical 
core of the essential latent purposes of bio-technologies as 
a means of human creativity.


You can also listen to the artist and curator discussing the 
work with Annick Bureaud in the podcast series on the 
Audiolats channel on the Creative Disturbance platform.

Enjoy one or the other or both !


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