[spectre] Build your own AV Synth ­ “The Simulacrum Machine” with Ewa Justka - workshop

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Tue May 24 02:08:40 CEST 2016

During this 2 days workshop we will build “The Simulacrum Audio­Visual
Machine” which will bring you to the constantly fluctuating feedback loop
between auditory and visual cathartic noise.

The workshop is suitable for musicians, VJs and anyone else interested in
making audio­-visual noisssse. It’s suitable both for beginners in
electronics as well as for more advanced participants. You will learn
reading schematics, soldering techniques and principles of video and audio
signal processing.

During the first day you will build an audio synth based on weird watery
unpredictable sequencer(ish) that you can plug directly to R (red),
G(green) and B(blue) of the video synth. You can decide which sequence you
want to be played by means of patching. The synth can be quite noisy and
unpredictable depending on the patch you make. There is also CV input and
frequency control (3 pots).
During the second day you will build a video synth based on Arduino that
you can plug to LCD screen or CRT with VGA input.You can use an audio synth
that we built during the first day as an input as well as any other audio

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