[spectre] The Alt-Right Complex, HMKV, Dortmund, Germany, 30 March - 22 Sep 2019

inke.arns at snafu.de inke.arns at snafu.de
Mon Mar 4 11:51:21 CET 2019

Hi Heath,
good to hear from you!
> great title ! - "The Kids Are Alt-Right“
well, not my invention but a song by Bad Religion:

> why a pejorative use of word 'populism' ?

I use the term in combination with "right-wing"
 >as enlightenmentalists, should we not strive to decontaminate
language and 
 knowledge ?
sure, always truly yours (populism is not necessarily negative per
se), but first we need to understand the contaminated language we are
being exposed to by the endarkenmentalists, and that's what I am
striving to to ;-)
you could also be fundamentally critical of me using the (alt-right)
term "alt-right" - shouldn't we call them what they are? "If you see a
Nazi, say Nazi" ;-)

All the best, Inke

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