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58558 an end to words

(audio) In my final audition of this filecast, before releasing it
into the wild, I was struck with a stark conclusion: that the best way
to „frame“ it, as it were, would be to present it without providing
any verbal referent or context, leaving it unmoored to fancies of your


58529 landing

(images) We are coming in for a landing at the airport in Cairo, and we
descend into a clearly defined stratum of vapor. We are surrounded by
clouds and the sun is rising. Do you see the Bocken spectre[1] beginning
to form?

   [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brocken_spectre

58470 a dream of smoke and birds ~

(album) Seven studies of near silences and contrived resonances based on
a somewhat random collection of found and original material. Some
sources make use of the material qualities of wood, water, glass, wind,
and similar common materials. Others include found material taken from
online scientific and technical sources, among other sources. Still
others are excerpted from various field recordings.


For information about each track individually, you can read the notes:


! new feature: nula radio

I have added a „radio“ feature to the website nula.cc.

If you move the cursor over the large round ( nula.cc ) insignium, it
will change into to a ▶︎ play button. Click the button and the sound
will play forever, as long as the browser window is open, randomly
choosing filecasts from the site.



http://nula.cc/58503 les angoisses
http://nula.cc/58441 wind in a jar
http://nula.cc/58429 vanadzor

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Lloyd Dunn
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